Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentines Day BLOG HOP!

Welcome everyone to the first blog hop hosted by the Cricut Card Fairies this year! We hope you enjoy your time checking out some of the fairies awesome work, and maybe even winning prizes for joining! This hop is scheduled for February 3rd through the 5th with the fairies who offered blog candy revealing winners on Monday the 6th. Check back after then to see if you have one!

The Cricut Card Fairies were created by Commander Crystal, who found inspiration from the already existent Cards for Soldiers. The Card Fairies accept requests for people and families who may need a pick me up for any sort of reasons.  We are a group of VOLUNTEERS who love our cricuts, love making cards, and love spreading cheer through said cards. We have sent all over the United States, Canada, Australia, and even Germany and other parts of Europe.  We send all types of cards: birthday, good thoughts, sympathy, well wishes, get better soon, and so many more. We currently have sent out over 860 missions since 2008!

Those who may be interested in joining our wonderful group can send an email to :

Now to the HOPPING!

This weekend we have ten wonderful blogs for you to visit and maybe even win some BLOG CANDY! (each blogger is responsible for such item and winning entries!, be sure to read entry rules and deadlines carefully!)

Misty @ <~~~ You are HERE!

Brenda @
Joy @
Sandee @
Kimmi @
Caprice @
Gina @
Sheila @
Meg @
Rachelle @

As the coordinator, if you get lost, feel free to return to my blog at : and pick up where you left off!

For my Valentines day creation I have made this WONDERFUL folding card as seen below..

My project was made using my favorite Creative Memories product, the folding accordion card. I am sad to have learned that CM is no longer carrying these, but glad I stocked up! I have made these for gifts for many people. They are a hit! 

Mine tend to be a bit bulky, especially this one as I added TONS of 3D embellies. 

Here is the cover of the card, its so bulky it barley shuts :) 

Long view all stretched out.

I Love lady bugs!! 
Pictures really do not do this project justice! If I had someone to give it to, Id keep it and find something else to give away!!!  (Hubby hates cards and things like this, so why bother!! ) 

I will be drawing for my blog candy, which happens to be the actual card you see above! All you have to do is add your own pictures and give to someone special! Simply comment on this blog post and you will automatically be entered! Check back Monday for the winner! 

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all the wonderful blogs posted! I hope you enjoyed your visit, and hopefully you can become a follower or follow by email!

Your next stop is: Brenda @


Ban-Anna's Amazing Race Adventure said...

Nice work Misty!! I haven't had time or motivation to scrap in a long time :(

Diane Hodrick said...

That is quite a special card.

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

very good job and thank you for hosting this!

kimmiluxich said...

Great card Misty. I love how you left the "photo spots" empty for the winner to fill. Great idea.

Thanks for hosting the Blog Hop!

beejay said...

That's really cute, I didn't know CM made such a thing!

Sheila said...

Your project is awesome Misty!! Thank you for putting together an awesome hop.

Rachelle said...

Nice work Misty, I love it!
joyfulhrt at gmail dot com

Judy said...

Wow, a folding card that is an album... cool! Really great job on this and the good you do:-)
jejaeb at cfl dot rr dot com

Flo71 said...

Love your card - great work.

I'm sorry to say I don't have a blog, have no idea how to do it.

sandee said...

Hey Misty! I just wanted to say thank you for putting together the blog hop, it's really nice to visit other Cricut Card Fairies blog, join up and get to know them a little bit better! I love the folding card, how awesome! I also have a new package of ladybugs to send you as a thank you for your hard work, please e-mail me your address, OK?

Stampin' Meg said...

What a cute fold out!

lmkindell1 said...

Great job that is some card.


Larelyn said...

Great job on the hop and a really cute project.
fellow CCF

Pamela said...

I love ladybug too! Love your project!

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