Monday, June 14, 2010

Whoa... Where have I been?

Last post... 7 MONTHS AGO?????? WHOA! My apologies!

Today, I cleared out my photobucket storage, and then decided to upgrade... go figure.

I have been busy with school, finally got my AA degree after nearly 7 years back in May. Now on to undergrad school for my BA in teaching. Whooot Whoot!

Since the last time we "talked" I have not done too much scrappin, kinda in the mood to clean and organize. I did however, purchase a YUDU first of the year, and so far, while I like it, it has been giving me fits! I made some merchandise for a local band, and so far it looks wonderful. I have been asked to do other shirts as well.

Here are pix of the merchandise :

Front side of Tshirts We did a total of 55 mens cut shirts.

Back side of Tshirts

Ladies version of shirts.. modelled after the I Heart NY. I made 55 of these.

And finally, the armbands we made. I made 60 of these in five different colors.

So far thats it, all i have been up to... although my next three projects will be interesting, a cub
scoout camp shirt, a church kidz camp shirt, and another band project. WHohoohoo!