Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Crayon Wreath, HUGE Success !

I loved making this one, and the giving it was even better. I gave this to my youngest daughter PK teacher, and being today is going to be her last day there, due to me accepting a new job, I wanted to make the goodbye special.

Anyhow, heres the picture...

For this project I used the following:
  • 8" wooden embroidery hoop
  • 12" wooden embroidery hoop
  • a roll of any type of ribbon
  • at least 70+ crayons
  • several tpes of wooden decor, in this case a large apple, school buss and several small decals, little kids, pencil book and then the alphabet set.
  • I also got from the dollar tree a chalkboard.

My directions;
  1. Cut the chalkboard to 8" round.
  2. Remove the metal screws from the hoops and hot glue them back together
  3. Take Crayons and hot glue them label side facing the same way, to both the 8 inch and 12 inch hoops. Make sure to pack them in pretty tight, I probably could have used more crayons in mine... Make sure that smaller hoop fits inside larger hoop evenly
  4. After gluing them all down, LET IT DRY! :)
  5. Run a slip knot braid throughout the crayons to add color. I did an over/under dealio.. not sure if I can describe it..
  6. I made sure it was all dry and fixed nice, then began adding the wooden pieces as you see.
  7. I then took the chalkboard, and glued it to the backside of the 8" hoop. Added some more wooden deco and called it done...
  8. You can use chalk to write on the chalkboard as well, and I did just write WELCOME on this one. Let the teacher know she can change it to however she wants.

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roserose said...

This is absolutly are so creative to come up with such a cute project I bet whoever got was super excited. I wish I can inlarge the picture though so I can see the details ♥