Friday, May 22, 2009

My Personal Update ~ WOW! Its been 4 months!

Since my last post! Wow oh Wow ! I have had way to much going on I think!

Since my last post at the end of January, I moved with my daughters to a place of our own. My husband and I are seperated, things were just not working out. Since then, we have done couseling and its getter better, but 8 years of damage takes more than 3 months to correct, so we have a long road ahead. I do have hopes that it will work out tho.

Anyhow, so the girls and I moved, along with my daycare. Thank GOD that my landlord is so understanding, since the daycare is my only income, and has been for so long, they allowed me to keep my daycare. That made me so happy, cuz the thought of losing my daycare kids broke my heart. I had two brand new ones start with me on Tuesday and they are SOOOOO cute! They are already fitting in well, and take up a special place in my heart.

My school semester ended the first week of May, I ended up with a 2.98 GPA, not bad for me and all thats going on. I start back again next week, only two classes this summer, then two more in the fall and I will have my AA in Liberal Arts. Then I need to wait / look for other options for completing my Early Childhood Ed degree, either through the local community college or elsewhere. I am excited to know what I want to be when I grow up... even tho with teaching, you never really do 'grow up'! ;)

I have been doing some, but not much crafty stuff.. mostly just swaps that need completion. I have done several swaps since my last post... two paint cans, two journaling tags, two card swaps and am currently in more yet. I will spend the next hour or so updating my blog so you can see what I have been doing. I also was able to attend a weekend crop locally last weekend, and even though I ended up sick and slept alot, I did get some things done, those pages also are going to be updated.

Sorry for such lacking skills of updating, please feel free to leave comments, I love to see em :)


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